Month: October 2018

Joybird Wellness Flows Into the LA Yoga & Wellness Community

Joybird is finally here!

Joybird Wellness (“Joybird”), a full spectrum, hemp-based CBD beverage, entered the market on October 21, 2018 with their first collaborative event, “CBD Balance Flow”. This event was hosted at the Los Angeles Artist Collective in Downtown Los Angeles in collaboration with DTLA Rendezvous and Yoga Instructor Janet Song. The room was filled with yogis of all levels to experience the healing benefits of CBD, Yoga, and Community.

Cannabidiol (“CBD”) is a compound found in the hemp plant. When ingested, CBD calms the nerves, relieves aches and pains, and aids sleep. It’s often described as a “focused calm” feeling. Joybird Wellness is created from the belief that CBD should be a joyful experience in people’s day-to-day lives. Joybird delivers this experience through three natural, refreshingly delicious flavors that are enjoyable, easy to consume, and most importantly – effective. CBD is non-psychoactive, delivering the benefits mentioned above without any “high”.

Attendees opened the session by drinking a bottle of Joybird Wellness, immediately realizing the meditative and calming effects of CBD, and began to set an intention for their practice. Once the CBD was flowing in everyone’s system, everyone was led through a balance-focused yoga flow by Janet Song, an LA based yoga instructor with over 500 hours of accredited training.

“Yoga is a wonderful tool in relieving stress and anxiety so when I found out about the relaxing, non-psychoactive benefits of CBD, I realized what a perfect marriage it would be to combine the two,” commented Song after the class. “Joybird’s CBD infused drinks allowed my students to hydrate and take in these benefits before and after our practice. Our collaboration offered a safe and comfortable environment for people to learn more about CBD and find a balanced body and mind.”

The mental and physical benefits of yoga and meditation are vast and proven. By incorporating a highly bioavailable full spectrum CBD like Joybird into one’s yoga practice, a ritual of calming the mind and body is created, making it easier to tune out the chaos of daily life, and tune into the best, most balanced YOU.