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The Questions Everyone’s Been Asking About Joybird

We’ve been listening to your questions and feedback, and we have answers! Got more questions? Let us know!


1. Why drink CBD when you can take oils, vapes, capsules etc?

Joybird’s Full Spectrum CBD is nano-encapsulated, meaning the CBD molecule is broken down into small enough particles to dissolve in water. This allows CBD to more efficiently enter the body, without having to go through the full digestive tract.  In most cases, CBD is consumed in oil form (tincture, capsule etc). While the dosage may be high, very little is absorbed in the body.

Joybird also made a drink because we want to provide CBD that complement’s an active lifestyle. Whether it’s skateboarding, climbing or just rocking out to your favorite band, CBD is a great way to recover. After a hard workout, nothing is better than having a crisp, refreshing drink. We use only all-natural ingredients with no preservatives and no added sugars to help people rehydrate and recover.

2. How much CBD in each bottle?

Each bottle contains 12MG of full-spectrum CBD.

3. So… what’s the deal with Full Spectrum CBD? What makes it special?

With Full-Spectrum CBD, you receive ALL the benefits of the hemp plant. Our CBD is also nano encapsulated, to maximize absorption, so you’ll feel the benefits of Joybird more quickly and effectively. Often, CBD isolate is found in food and beverage. A “CBD Isolate” is when the CBD molecule is stripped out of the hemp plant by itself. Research has shown an isolated CBD molecule is not effective when compared to combining CBD with other components of the hemp plant.

4. How much should I take?

While every human’s Endocannabinoid System and body is different, we recommend starting with half a bottle, observing how you feel, and going from there. Each full bottle is the equivalent to a full dropper full of CBD, if you were taking a tincture. If you’re feeling ambitious though, go ahead and chug the whole bottle in a few gulps! We won’t judge!

5. When should I take it?

Once again, each human’s body and reaction can vary slightly, so it’s up to you! After an intense workout for recovery, rehydration and rejuvenation, at the end of a long day to unwind and relax, or even right when you start to feel stress and anxiety creeping in. Grab a Joybird to get your body and mind back on track so you can get on with the meaningful parts of your day, pain and worry-free.

6. So what’s up with the sloth?

Sloths are constantly smiling, balanced, healthy, hydrated (Their skin is incredibly absorbent), and get plenty of sleep! The sloth encompasses all of the feelings drinking a Joybird should bring you!


“Feel the Joy!” – What’s that supposed to mean?

Welcome to Joybird – we’re excited to have you here! By now, you’ve probably noticed our motto is “Feel the Joy!” So, what is that supposed to mean?

At Joybird Wellness, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality, most bioavailable CBD in a manner that is refreshing and enjoyable.  To us, CBD is more than a “medicine” or a “supplement”. To us, CBD is…

The great balancer in life!

Yeah… we know… that sounds silly…. but scientifically, that’s just what it is!  CBD has been shown to stimulate the Endocannabinoid System in the human body, which plays an important role in regulating homeostasis. That includes regulating everything from anxiety to inflammation.(1)

With that, we’ve heard a wide range of amazing responses from people after drinking a Joybird. Common responses are “Chilled out”, “The small stuff just doesn’t bother me,” “Relaxed, but focused.” Our favorite however, is when someone told us “I’m Feeling the Joy!”  

There’s no better way to describe the experience of Joybird than “Feeling the joy” – The joy of a balanced, clear-headed, and focused life ahead of you.

As of today, many people have felt the Joy of Joybird. Now, we’re thrilled to share it with you – Enjoy!




7 Reasons You Need Joybird This Holiday Season

The holidays are in full swing, and sometimes we get so caught up in planning, arranging, preparing, and shopping for gifts, it’s easy to forget WHY we celebrate the holidays – to come together with loved ones, share food, time, and love, and to feel and spread JOY. Whether you need a useful and unique gift for a loved one, or just need to stay sane through the holidays, we have you covered! Say GOODBYE to stress, hangovers, nerves, and seasonal mood swings and HELLO to a more Joyful, chill, and stress-free holiday season!

Here are 7 Reasons You need Joybird in your life for the holidays:

1. Stressful Travel

Traveling to see family for the holidays? Planning to make multiple stops to make time for all of your loved ones? Traveling is stressful, and exhausting! Drink a Joybird before your flight for a better, more comfortable sleep on the plane, or when you arrive at your destination to recharge & chill out for the evening’s activities! Sitting for long periods of time can cause stiff & sore muscles. Joybird helps ease that discomfort! 

2. Family Time

Spiritual Teacher Ram Dass once said, “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family,” and we can’t say we disagree! Even when we get along with our family or in-laws, we often aren’t used to spending SO much time with them. Keep a Joybird handy for when your cousin goes off on his political rant, or your aunt starts asking about when you’re getting married. You’ll handle the family chaos like a calm & collected pro.

3. Holiday Drinks


Mhmm, you heard us! We obviously encourage you to be the best, healthiest you, but everyone loves a good drink around the holidays, and Joybird is a great mixer for any cocktail – alcoholic or non-alcoholic! Pair with a sparkling or carbonated drink, your morning mimosas, or with your simple vodka cranberry for a slightly more beneficial holiday drink! (Sharing your Joybird cocktail creations is highly encouraged!)

4. Hangovers

Speaking of holiday drinks, can we talk about holiday HANGOVERS? The worst. Portion control isn’t everyone’s strong suit during the holidays, and alcohol is no exception. Woke up with a hangover? Chug a Joybird for much needed hydration and replenishing and get back on track to enjoy the rest of your holidays. We’re not kidding – try it!

Don’t believe us? Check out this study about CBD regulating blood sugar:

5. Inflammation & Overeating

Regardless of our clean, healthy diets, we all tend to indulge and overeat during the holidays (as we should – everything in moderation, including moderation, right?) This can lead to discomfort, inflammation, and digestion difficulty. Joybird is the perfect post (or pre) dinner drink to help ease that discomfort and soothe any inflammation in the body.

6. Because, Kids.

If we don’t have our own kids to shop for and distribute gifts to, we have little cousins, nephews, nieces, etc. and let’s be honest, kids LOVE the holidays and can get a little out of hand with all the cookies and sugar and excitement. No, we’re not saying you should give your kid a Joybird, but you should give YOURSELF the gift of a more relaxed, less stressful evening so you can enjoy it WITH them! After you struggled putting your child or nephew to sleep after a day of new gifts and lots of sugar, reward yourself with a well-deserved Joybird at the end of your day.

7. Gifts!

All the benefits of Joybird you deserve over the holidays – your loved ones deserve too! Share the gift of joy by gifting them a bottle in their stockings, or even have a couple cases to serve at your holiday gathering! You can even give guests a bottle on their way out (to even help prevent a hangover, or get rid of it in the morning!)

The benefits of CBD are endless, and with Joybird being both easy to bring with you and consume, and a delicious addition to your holiday, everyone deserves to enjoy the holidays more and focus more on JOY and less on the stress!

Order by Monday 12/17 to guarantee delivery before Christmas AND enjoy FREE SHIPPING through Christmas!

Joybird Wellness Flows Into the LA Yoga & Wellness Community

Joybird is finally here!

Joybird Wellness (“Joybird”), a full spectrum, hemp-based CBD beverage, entered the market on October 21, 2018 with their first collaborative event, “CBD Balance Flow”. This event was hosted at the Los Angeles Artist Collective in Downtown Los Angeles in collaboration with DTLA Rendezvous and Yoga Instructor Janet Song. The room was filled with yogis of all levels to experience the healing benefits of CBD, Yoga, and Community.

Cannabidiol (“CBD”) is a compound found in the hemp plant. When ingested, CBD calms the nerves, relieves aches and pains, and aids sleep. It’s often described as a “focused calm” feeling. Joybird Wellness is created from the belief that CBD should be a joyful experience in people’s day-to-day lives. Joybird delivers this experience through three natural, refreshingly delicious flavors that are enjoyable, easy to consume, and most importantly – effective. CBD is non-psychoactive, delivering the benefits mentioned above without any “high”.

Attendees opened the session by drinking a bottle of Joybird Wellness, immediately realizing the meditative and calming effects of CBD, and began to set an intention for their practice. Once the CBD was flowing in everyone’s system, everyone was led through a balance-focused yoga flow by Janet Song, an LA based yoga instructor with over 500 hours of accredited training.

“Yoga is a wonderful tool in relieving stress and anxiety so when I found out about the relaxing, non-psychoactive benefits of CBD, I realized what a perfect marriage it would be to combine the two,” commented Song after the class. “Joybird’s CBD infused drinks allowed my students to hydrate and take in these benefits before and after our practice. Our collaboration offered a safe and comfortable environment for people to learn more about CBD and find a balanced body and mind.”

The mental and physical benefits of yoga and meditation are vast and proven. By incorporating a highly bioavailable full spectrum CBD like Joybird into one’s yoga practice, a ritual of calming the mind and body is created, making it easier to tune out the chaos of daily life, and tune into the best, most balanced YOU.