Answers to our most asked questions

  • Will this get me high?

    No, not in the traditional sense of the term as used when describing marijuana or cannabis use. Joybird is formulated with pure, unadulterated Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, which does not impair cognitive performance, while promoting balance in the mind and body.

  • Okay, so if it doesn’t get me high, will I actually feel any differently?

    Everyone may have a slightly varied experience. For most, drinking Joybird will elicit a sense of calm and balance, much like after a session of meditation, yoga, or aerobic exercise, without any drowsiness. This can be felt almost immediately. Regular, daily consumption can promote better quality sleep and reduced anxiety in addition to feelings of wellness and balance.

  • Should I be concerned with failing a drug test?

    Most drug tests do not test for Hemp, and in those instances, no, you should have no concern of failing as a direct result of consuming Joybird. In fact, the World Anti-Doping Agency recently removed Hemp Extract from their list of banned substances. That said, if this is a concern for you, we recommend that you seek clarification from a medical doctor to better understand the exact drug test in question.

  • How much should I drink to "Feel the Joy"?

    We know this sounds SUPER CLICHE, but it really does vary by individual. We generally recommend half to a full bottle. The team here usually drinks a full cold bottle after working out!

  • What's with the Sloth?

    Sammie the Sloth is our spirit animal. He makes us smile, and we hope he makes you smile too πŸ™‚ Calm the mind, relax the body, get a better night’s rest… now that’s the Sloth Life.

  • Where do you ship?

    We ship to all 50 states! Please note our free shipping policy on orders over $50!

  • How is Joybird's hemp extract different from others?

    Joybird uses the most bioavailable Hemp Extract on the market. Most Hemp Extract comes in an oil (fat based) format, which means it is very difficult for the body to absorb. For an oil to be absorbed into the body, it must first pass through the digestive system. However, this is very damaging to the Hemp Extract and the body only ends up absorbing 5% of it! So if you took 20MG Hemp Extract, you’re really only getting 1MG!

    Joybird’s Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is broken down into smaller molecules so it can be more efficiently absorbed before hitting the digestive tract. The hemp is encapsulated using Vitamin E as it’s primary surfactant.

    That’s why you feel it so much faster! This further enhances the body’s uptake!

  • What do people use Hemp Extract for?

    A wide variety of things! For some, it helps provide a chill, relaxing feeling without any sleepiness. For others, the benefits are more physical – relieving some aches and pains. Hemp Extract interacts with receptors across your body, with the primary function being to maintain homeostasis.

    A few specific examples:

    (1) More athletes have been turning to Hemp for post workout recovery

    (2) Yoga practitioners find Hemp to help relax muscles and help them be present during their practice

    (3) People working fast paced jobs find Hemp to provide a nice mid-day mental relaxation

  • Is this safe for children and infants?

    Yes! Hemp Extract is actually administered to children and infants for many reasons adults take it. Our hemp is sourced from 100% domestic hemp, meaning there is no THC (thus non psychoactive). In addition, each batch of Joybird is tested for pesticides, chemicals and microbes.

  • Are there lab results available?

    Yes! Please email us at hello@drinkjoybird.com to receive a copy of our COA! We’re happy to provide them for you.

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