Answers to our most asked questions

  • Will this get me high?

    The simple answer is No! There is no THC. This is sourced from Hemp, not marijuana. However, compounds found in hemp have been found to provide a calming feeling. Drinkers of Joybird have often said it helps them “chill out.”

  • What is an appropriate amount to drink to "Recover and Rehydrate"

    We know this sounds SUPER CLICHE, but it really does vary by individual. We generally recommend half to a full bottle. The team here usually drinks a full cold bottle after working out!

  • Where do you ship?

    We ship to all 50 states! Please note our free shipping policy on orders over $50!

  • How is Joybird different from some other hemp products?

    Joybird’s hemp extract is water soluble, meaning it’s broken down into micro-sized particles. This allows rapid absorption through the gut. Most hemp products are available in oil form, which generally has a low absorption rate. Joybird is also infused with electrolytes in a naturally flavored beverage with no added sugar. The perfect beverage to consume after gettin after it!

  • Where is your hemp sourced?

    100% domestic, from Colorado!

  • Why is there pressure in the bottle?

    Each bottle is dosed with nitrogen before closing to ensure a sterile environment in the bottle. When you feel pressure or the “TSSSHH” after opening, it’s the nitrogen coming out. It’s completely safe!

  • Are there lab results available?

    Yes! Please email us at hello@drinkjoybird.com to receive a copy of our COA! We’re happy to provide them for you.

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