What’s so great about hemp?

Hemp is an amazing plant that humans have used and consumed for thousands of years. Only now, with modern research, are we beginning to rediscover the benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to: calming nerves, relieving aches and pains, and sharpening focus. As such, hemp is most useful when it’s applied in a “full spectrum” formula. Full Spectrum means all the components of the hemp plant are included, rather than isolating one particular molecule. Research has shown that by including all components of the plant, we are able to achieve an “entourage effect”, allowing these components to work synergistically to enhance the overall effect.
At Joybird, we only use the highest quality, most bioavailable full spectrum hemp extract. Furthermore, our hemp has NO THC and is thus non-psychoactive, delivering the benefits mentioned above without any “high”.


Get back to your best self more quickly!
Just finished an intense workout, or just wrecked after a night out with friends? Beyond the mental benefits, Hemp has physical benefits as well.  After intense activity, our bodies tend to overreact by flaring up our immune system – inflammation! Extract from hemp has been known to normalize this inflammation and return us back to normal. We now see a number of athletes incorporate hemp in their regimen across many different disciplines: skateboarding, mixed martial arts, rock climbing, yoga, football, you name it! Hemp’s healing properties allow you to return to 100% and continue pursuing your active lifestyle.


De-clutter the mind & get stuff done!
While Hemp may not give you that “jolt” of energy that your morning cup of coffee does, you may notice that you feel more alert or focused after consuming Hemp! By achieving a more calm and attentive state, you can focus more on the tasks at hand without getting bogged down by all of the typical distractions we often encounter in our daily lives.


Mellow out without the high!
Unlike stimulants which make you jittery, or depressants that make you sluggish, Hemp offers a “chill out” effect that helps you keep an even head during those stressful moments. Given the stress and pressure of your active life, Hemp can provide a moment of peace and calm, WITHOUT the high! Hemp’s calming properties also  allow you to fall asleep faster. To balance out, Hemp reduces daytime sleepiness, keeping your sleep / wake cycle on track!
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