Recover Rehydrate Relax!

We get it… you’re a badass! You skate, surf, climb, fight, wrestle, dirtbike, swim, bike, run, paintball, airsoft, axe throw, and on and on and on!

You only smile when you’ve given your all and are hobbling back home, eager for more.

Joybird was made to get you back out there!


with balancing properties of hemp
So you went out and GOT AFTER IT. Your mind is happy and can’t wait to go back… but your body ACHES! How can you go at it again back the next day? and again and again after that? Enter Joybird. Joybird’s full spectrum hemp extract carries all the anti inflammatory benefits of the hemp plant (without THC!) to help recover your achy body. After intense activity, we have aches and pains largely due to an overreaction of your body called inflammation. The balancing properties of hemp help normalize this overreaction, balance out the aches and pains and bounce back for more!


with infused with electrolytes
Yup… you’ve given it your all… Not only are you tired and beaten up, but sweaty as hell! Hey, it happens. With sweat, you not only lose water, but electrolytes as well! Electrolytes Youare minerals in your body that have an electric charge and keep your body and mind ticking. Joybird is infused with electrolytes to provide not only a crisp taste, but to replace all those electrolytes lost in sweat!


...and get back after it!
Unlike stimulants which make you jittery, or depressants that make you sluggish, Hemp offers a β€œchill out” effect that helps you keep an even head during those stressful moments. So relax, chill out, and put your feet up… for now… You’ve crushed today but tomorrow is coming and you’ve gotta be prepared to get after it again!
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